Хранилище информации по судебной практике в области восстановления конституционных прав мам на социальную помощь при рождении ребенка и по уходу за ребенком до достижения ним 3-х лет.

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Заявление в ЕСПЧ самой себя представлять на английском

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Заявление о разрешении себя представлять To: Chairman of the House European Court Applicant: (здесь свое ФИО на англ) Permanent address: индекс Ukraine, Vinnytsia, (улица ,дом ,кв. File Number: 74847/10 High Contracting Party: State of Ukraine PETITION TO THE CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE on self-representation in the Court and the provision of my further use of Ukrainian language to my Complaint in the case № 74847/10 (ФИО) v. Ukraine In connection with the letter from the Court I received dated September 8, 2011(письмо от 8.09.2011 у меня где прозьба назначить адвоката,ставьте свою дату) (communication of complaint), in which the Court offered to fill in and send me a power of attorney to a representative at the Court until October 10, 2011,(здесь дата до какого числа надо отправить и заполнить форму) according to Art. 34 of the Convention I ask permission of the Chairman of the House in accordance with Rule 36 paragraph 2, n 4 (b), p 5. (a), (b) of the Rules of the Court to self-represent my interests and carry on a correspondence with the Court, as well as make the necessary documents. I motivate this petition with following: a) I have no financial means to pay an attorney. My husband and I bring up two teenage children. One child is a disabled child. In this regard, I have no possibility to work, and had to resign from my work. Now I'm taking care of a disabled child. We live only at the expense of social assistance to disabled child and the salary of my husband. b) all documents - claims, complaints, applications to date, which were presented in national courts, as well as a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights, I made myself. It also indicates that I represented myself in the national courts and in their decisions the information about the representative is absent. Since the subject of my complaint is simple (case law) in terms of the Convention questions, I convincingly and sincerely ask the Chairman of the House to allow me to self-represent my interests, carry on the correspondence with the Court, as well as make the necessary documents as long as there is no need in the presence of a representative to the meeting. Also, I ask the Chairman of the House in accordance with Rule 34 § 3 (a) of the Rules of Court and Rule 36 § 5 (b) of the Rules of Court to allow me to continue writing letters to the Court using the Ukrainian language, because I do not have a sufficient knowledge of neither English nor French. However, I absolutely do not mind the fact that the Court makes its posts in my address in English. Yours respectfully Applicant (ФИО)

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